Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Fidget Spinners - Are They Really a Boon or a Bane?

Spinner Fidget Toys
Spinners fidget will be the newest addition to the nonsense among school-going youngsters. Educators and parents are in fact confused whether to permit or prohibit the use of it. The internet has merged reviews hence making it hard to determine whether it is good or bad.

Are you aware that the scientists have come up with the undeniable fact that these games tremendously aid in relaxing the nerves thus improving awareness? It is recognized to support hyper active youngsters to be addicted to 1 spot. The spinner fidget are also known to be a blessing for attention deficit youngsters who suffer from autism, ADHD, mental pressure if not panic disorder. Around the other hand, for that normal kids, these spinner fidget are recognized to bother or change them from listening to their lessons. With factors to mention on both area of the coin, the question of spinner to be always a being truly an advantage or Bane is still ongoing on.

The model named 'spinner fidget toy' are not new-to-the entire world because it continues to be useful for around 15 years. There are many educators who assist these hand spinner fidget toy as they say they have observed probably the most restless guys inside the classroom concentrating and being centered on it while spinning these games which otherwise does not happen for almost any reason.

The investigation is being carried out by the experts to master if the hand spinner can really help in increasing the focus on the children and also to treat behavior disorders. The professionals have noticed that the hand spinner fidget really rubs the fingers hence improving blood circulation and in turn relaxing down the feelings and relaxing the child into a particular amount. At these times before an exam or even a check, it becomes highly beneficial.

There are lots of parents who favor supplying these kinds of toys to their youngsters so that they maintain themselves away from electronics like cellphones, tables as well as notebooks. It doesn't preserve your child in one single spot since it assists them to maneuver around and in the same period concentrate on it to prolong the spinning. At least, it does not damage your children in any way or does it affect their eyes like being hooked for the smart devices.

With 3D printers out nowadays, you'll find kids utilizing it to really make the hand spinner fidget toy themselves. It has been which can be described as a great improvement in physics for the youngsters with that the academics and parents are pleased about.

Saturday, May 27, 2017


When I was a kid, I played Dungeons and Dragons. My favorite character was a cleric named Becket. Original, I know. One of the spells I found most useful was Continual Light. This created a very strong light source wherever the spell was cast. I figured out a way to overcome the inherent limitations of carrying torches into dungeons and fighting at the same time: I would cast Continual Light on wooden dowels which all party members wore in their belts. It saw us through many adventures and Becket was retired when I stopped playing D&D back about 25 years ago.

The folks at SunJack must have heard about my light stick trick because here is a real-life LightStick! And it will fit in your belt, provide enough light to illuminate a room for a long, long time…and it will even recharge your cell phone! I have reviewed quite a few gadgets over the years and this one stands out as one of my favorites, even though it is so mundane. It simply does what it purports to do and does it fantastically well! Packaged in a simple cardboard box, it contains the LightJack, two wrist straps, a USB Micro cable and instructions.

There are places on either side of the LightJack to attach the wrist straps, allowing it to be hung from pretty much anywhere. The edges are many-sided, which allows it to sit flat on most any surface. The front face is a tough plastic and the access port to the USB ports is sealed with a cap that has a rubber gasket. It’s rated to 6 feet of water resistance and I did not test this. It is a durable, tough piece of kit.

Removing the sealed cap reveals a full-sized USB port for you to plug your cell phone into to recharge, so it acts as a backup battery in case of an emergency. Above it is the USB micro port that is used to charge the built-in 5200mAh lithium-polymer battery. It charges quickly.

The SUNJACK LIGHTSTICK has three levels of brightness, plus a flashing light mode. The brightest setting is rated at 350 lumens but the lowest setting provided plenty of light to get work done by. The method of lighting is a row of white LEDs. Four blue LEDs provide feedback as to how much charge remains on the LightStick.

This is the dimmest setting. I actually had to dim the image a little because my exposure was too bright to make out the LED array. To test it, I turned it on at 3:15 PM on February 24th and carried it with me (though not in my belt) for as long as it lasted. I checked the battery periodically. After 15 hours, there were 3 dots left. After another 10 hours there were two dots. Still two dots when I checked it 14 hours later. It finally went into Power-Saving mode on February 26th at 8:45 AM, a solid 41 hours after I turned it on for the first time. It is advertised to last at least 40 hours at minimum brightness and all I can say is that I wish laptop and tablet makers were as honest about their battery life ratings! The Lightstick turns off when it hits one dot and the dot blinks as the light goes into power-saving mode. The light stays on for 5 minutes in power-saving mode before switching it off again. I turned it on over and over again a few times before I had to get back to life as I live it.

The second-brightest setting lasted from 6:56 AM on February 28th and it went into power saving mode at 5:06 PM the same day. 10 hours on the medium setting. In power saving mode, it switches off after two minutes.

The brightest setting lasted from 6:42 AM on March 1st and died at 12:07 PM the same day. A little more than five hours at the brightest setting. Power save switched off after 10 seconds on this setting.

In flashing mode, it flashes bright on and on and on. I turned it on at 5:00 AM on March 2nd and turned it off at 9:40 PM so I could get some sleep. There were still two dots left on the battery at this time.

The final test I put this through was to charge my iPhone 6 Plus until it wouldn’t charge anymore and then see how long the light lasted at the dimmest setting. It took about 2 hours to charge it from 22% to 95% and it would not charge any more than that. There was one dot left but it wasn’t blinking. I figured it was done for. I figured wrong. On the lowest setting, the light lasted another 13 hours before finally going out.

This is being marketed as a camping/emergency preparedness gadget. I can tell you my mind is set more at ease knowing I have this thing. We lost power more often than I’d like and now I know I have my own personal Continual Light spell that will get me through it. I don’t camp but I remember my camping days well and we would have been thrilled to have something like this to light our nights. This belongs in every emergency kit and in every camping kit. Forty hours of light is pretty amazing but you’ll probably take a hit in colder weather.

Monday, March 20, 2017

7 Steps To Running A Successful Business

Starting a business is often a labor of love. After long hours and often years of hard work, you may finally obtain your goal of running a successful business. However, as the economy shifts, new industry trends and other factors can bring new challenges to your small business and its success. The following seven steps will help your business remain afloat as new challenges arise:

1. Regulate and obey your business plan.
A business plan is a formal statement of action that explains your goals and how you plan to attain them. Although this plan is primarily used for obtaining initial grants, investor contributions, and other types of start-up funding, it is just as important to keep it updated according to industry trends. If necessary, modify your short- and long-term plan to meet new or unforeseen needs within your industry. This will help you better manage your budget and the way you serve your target demographic.

2. Track all company financials.

Similar to keeping track of inventory, you should meticulously track all the details of your business. This includes new and periodic purchases, staff and their hours worked, salaries, company inventory, and sales. Not only will tracking these details help you when it comes time to file your taxes, but it will also help you compare your overall costs to your company's revenue more clearly.

3. Stay on top of technology.
Technology is widely used today, and it is critical for your business to adapt to the latest changes as they pertain to your customers' needs and interests. For example, technology is a fairly inexpensive way to advertise your business and continue to bring in current and potential customers. This may include maintaining a company blog, using social media, and understanding how traffic is driven to your business

4. Understand current and new industry trends.

Every industry has trends that come and go. While some manage to catch on, other trends may not be appealing to a majority of consumers. Analyzing and embracing the latest trends within your industry is a surefire way to relate to your customers and stay ahead of the game. Keep in mind that not every change will necessarily apply to you, so it is crucial to understand how different trends affect competitors who rely on the same customer base as you.

5. Be open to suggestions.

There are a lot of ways you can improve your business by listening closely to customers, colleagues, staff, and other professionals. Your customers and employees most likely have some creative ideas on how you can improve products, services, or the way you run your business. Openly ask for advice in verbal or written form, as well as through customer newsletters and specialized online forms. If you are unable to comply with suggestions, explain your reasoning to reassure everyone that you are not simply ignoring their feedback. You can then offer alternative ways to meet the expectations of those who provide feedback.

6. Avoid micromanagement.
Starting a small business can be a lot like nurturing a child and watching them grow to be successful. Similar to that of a loving parent, you might unknowingly hover over your business and staff. If your staff is properly trained, they should be able to be successful without you micromanaging their actions. You should be responsible for handling the larger aspects of your business, while placing a healthy amount of trust in the people that work for you.

7. Remain competitive.

All successful businesses have a competitive edge, and whether it is a unique product or service, or the ability to provide exceptional customer service, it keeps them ahead of the competition. It is important to find ways to stay competitive with businesses that provide similar services or products. Use promotional discounts, exclusive services or products, or even customer appreciation events to keep your business relevant and successful within its industry.Starting a successful business requires careful vigilance. Start by following these seven steps, and your business will see continued prosperity and growth.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Guest Post: Vintage Gold Watches As an Investment

Watches have been developed many centuries ago. These pieces started only as sundials and later on improved its designs with time. Modern watches are usually worn on the wrist which consists of a bracelet or strap made of leather, metal, alloy or rubber. It also features other useful functions including the date.

There are many types of watches such as digital, mechanical and kinetic. There are also specially designed watches for specific purposes such as for divers, air force and the military. Such specialized pieces consist of added features depending on its purpose and design.

Digital watches are battery operated and are the most accurate types. Some watches are solar powered, or powered by the movement of the user. Many manufacturers have developed modern watches which consist of small electronic chips and have many features compared to other types of watches.

Vintage gold watches are the most valued type because of its workmanship and design rather than its main function of time keeping. These expensive watches consist of mechanical parts and runs through the power produced by its spring parts. Some of these contain expensive gems. Others are gold plated.

Vintage watches are mostly collected by men because majority of these bear masculine designs. Watches for women are only introduced lately. Besides being a collector's item, vintage gold watches make perfect gifts which will surely be cherished because its value.

Vintage gold watches not only functions as a timekeeping device but sometimes serve as a symbol of the status of a person's prestige in the society due to its expensive price. Many of the elite class are number one watch collectors.

Vintage gold watches are considered as a beautiful piece of treasure. However, the authentic pieces are very expensive that it brought rise to many fake counterparts. Fake vintage gold pieces are being sold much cheaper while it copies the image or real watches.

Collecting vintage gold watches involves a lot of money and is a good investment and needs to be secured and protected. It is important to check the authenticity of the vintage gold watch before purchasing.

There are few things to consider in examining if a timepiece is genuine or fake. The popularity and the condition of the vintage watch is one of the important factors to consider. The history and how many years the watch has existed also increase the value. The condition of the vintage gold watch should also be considered. Some timepieces no longer function properly but are still valued just the same.

As a general rule, a watch can be classified as vintage when it is very rare, limited and exceptional. They can also be classified according to their age. Some of the vintage watches which have been desired and collected by watch collectors include the Gruen Curvex, Cartier Panthere, Rolex Daytona, Vacheron Constantin and Rolex Zephyr.

The hobby of collecting vintage gold watches is rewarding considering that these items are ideal as investments. You can also consider collecting vintage gold watches not in perfect condition and have it fixed to regain its appeal. Some collectors buy malfunctioning pieces, repair and resell them.

Other vintage timepieces are pocket watches. Pocket watches have a high value because these are old designs no longer common nowadays. Pocket watches existed even before wristwatches became a fad. The rarity of this design increases its monetary value.

Most watch collectors do not wear their collections in order to protect it. They usually put it on display and enjoy the privilege of having the rarest watch in their possession.

Among the companies which have created vintage gold watches are Omega, Hamilton, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Rolex, and Vacheron Constantin, to name a few.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Champion Football Team Strategies: Lessons You Can Apply to Your Small Business

Small business owners can find inspiration and guidance in many places. Whether you like tackling books for entrepreneurs or watching shows about successful figures, you can learn valuable business lessons through a variety of entertainment channels. In fact, you can even gain leadership insights by watching an NFL team battle its way through the playoffs. Here are some small business strategies that you can learn from a champion football team.

1. Protect the ball

The NFL teams that end up on top are often those that can control the ball and avoid turnovers. After all, when it comes time for the big game, one interception can cost a team the title, as was the case for the Seattle Seahawks in 2015. Instead of sticking to its winning game plan, Seattle took a chance, and it cost the team the championship when the New England Patriots were able to capitalize on their error.

When you dictate the terms and pace of play, you are less vulnerable to risk and have more opportunities to win. The same goes for small business owners and their clients. You should strive to protect your relationship with your best clients at all costs. If your business experiences a downward slump, these core accounts can keep you going until you are able to return to better days.

2. Play as a team

As a small business owner, it is important for you to accept that people make mistakes. The sooner you forgive and move on, the sooner your team can get back to achieving its goals. While it may be difficult for many athletes to accept weakness, you will find that the best teams are ready to support one another when a receiver drops an easy pass or the quarterback misses his wide-open target.

Members of a champion football team are quick to shrug off lapses. This approach keeps confidence levels high and communicates the need for unity above all. Small businesses thrive on the same sense of mutual support. You should strive to project confidence in your employees' abilities and move past mistakes quickly. After all, people can do their best work when they are not held back by the fear of failing.

3. Master the art of preparation

Football is a game in which strong coaches dominate. Those who are prepared to maximize their team's strengths and exploit the opposition's weaknesses tend to win. This makes preparation crucial, especially when it comes time to face the best teams in the playoffs. While you can take pride in your ability to improvise, this skill is no substitute for thorough preparation when you have an important meeting or presentation ahead.

4. Learn from defeat

Great teams are not afraid to look in the mirror after failure, and this approach serves small business owners in the same way. When you find yourself down after losing an account or missing a key deadline, huddle with your staff members and find out what happened. Once you determine what you did wrong and fix it, you can lower your chances of repeating the mistake.

5. Be able to improvise

You have to attack every day, game, or quarter with a solid plan, all the while understanding that your methods and systems should be subject to change. Great coaches have a fallback plan for every calamity that might set in, and the ability to improvise can often make all the difference in the big game. As a business owner, you too should know when to change gears. Have a plan but be nimble enough to adjust it as circumstances change..

As a small business owner, you can learn many things from a champion football team. The next time you encounter a problem at work, try thinking about how your favorite football coach would tackle the situation.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

6 Perfect Cities for a Start-up Business

Once you have an idea for a business, you have to know where to launch. After all, location is an essential ingredient for successful companies. In fact, it is hard to imagine Tesla Motors succeeding without the network of tech businesses surrounding it in the San Francisco area. The same applies for famous coffee roasters who got their start in Seattle and brewers who launched in Burlington, Vermont. Here are six perfect cities for a start-up business.

1. Raleigh-Durham
When you are thinking about the perfect city for your new venture, it may be important to keep the proximity of well-known universities in mind. As Duke, Wake Forest, and the University of North Carolina all converge in Raleigh-Durham, entrepreneurs who set up shop in this city have access to top talent coming straight out of these schools. Furthermore, due to the large student population in this area, 42% of adults in this city have a college degree and business costs are 18% below the national average, according to Forbes.

2. Boston
In terms of academic talent, no city can beat Boston. With many of the nation's best universities in town, start-up owners will have no shortage of potential hires to tap. Meanwhile, the city's urban density attracts young employees. Boston's public transportation infrastructure serves as another big draw for potential hires. According to Entrepreneur, Boston start-ups have ample access to venture capital as well.

3. New York
Over recent years, New York's Silicon Alley has nearly caught up to the Bay Area's pace of innovation. Group work spaces have emerged across the city, and entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly likely to choose the Big Apple over the West Coast. In terms of quality of life and networking opportunities, New York has no equal. Naturally, investors abound in the finance capital of the United States. Furthermore, companies that plan to do business overseas can benefit from New York's increasingly diverse population.

4. Chicago

Chicago remains one of the best cities for entrepreneurs to call home. A progressive local government has enacted policies that promote green living, making the city popular among new college grads and innovators. Furthermore, a solid transportation infrastructure, a lower cost of living than coastal cities, and great networking opportunities make Chicago a great option for any start-up.

5. San Francisco

When it comes to the perfect cities for a start-up business, it is hard to beat the San Francisco Bay Area. Between the city proper, Oakland (across the bridge), and Silicon Valley (a short drive south), entrepreneurs are guaranteed access to the talent and investors that a growing business needs. Furthermore, businesses that take off from Silicon Valley tend to get the highest valuation. While it is important to note that living in this area can be quite expensive (and likely requires access to a car), the payoff may be too great to ignore when you have a groundbreaking new business idea in the works.

6. Los Angeles

Do not forget to consider sunny Southern California, as well. With rents lower than New York or San Francisco and creative talent everywhere, the City of Angels is a strong contender for new start-ups. In particular, fashion and entertainment businesses truly have a chance to thrive in Los Angeles, but tech companies (such as Tinder and SnapChat) often find a good home here, as well. One potential downside to an LA office is the need to drive and deal with heavy traffic. However, ride-hailing services have been improving many freeway commutes over the last few years.